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InfoTech’s Concierge Services Team works as an extension of your organization’s team. They provide additional cybersecurity expertise to proactively protect systems and data while continually strengthening your security posture. Currently there are two services that support this area, the vCIGO and the vCISO positions. Our Concierge Services allows you to get additional C-level experienced support on an “as needed” basis without the high expense of a full-time employee.

We are here when you need us.

Services when needed. No need for full-time employee.

Additional support for more security

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InfoTech’s combined corporate experience exceeds 100 years and encompasses Information Security, Compliance and Governance, Privacy, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, IT Managed Services, Incident Response, Architecture Design, Cloud Services, Contingency Planning, and the Support of Theater-Wide Modeling Simulation Requirements.

The InfoTech cybersecurity team consists of highly skilled, certified IT Security experts, and engineers. We are experienced in supporting our clients in both the US and internationally. InfoTech received its GSA Cybersecurity Schedule in December 2018.

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