Theater-Wide Modeling and Simulation

The Department of Defense (DoD) employs Modeling and Simulation (M&S) to enhance training, warfighting, and materiel acquisition. This effort develops simulations that take advantage of emerging technologies, enterprise services, and leverage Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). Through the use of these new technologies, especially that of Cloud Computing, the Modeling & Simulation provides improved accessibility and agility. Furthermore, operating and other lifecycle costs are reduced through the facilitation of M&S data, tool and/or service reuse. Cybersecurity is paramount for any simulations that DoD employs in a distributed or cloud environment.

InfoTech’s corporate experience includes the full range of technical, management and senior Service staff credentials for M&S system software sustainment, information assurance and cybersecurity, theater exercise support and operations management. InfoTech has experience in supporting the Battle Management Directorate Operational Command and Control Division, and joint and combined operations or stand-alone exercise support for theater air warfare simulation. We in-depth training and operations expertise with the Air Warfare Simulation (AWSIM) model.

InfoTech’s performance includes air ware simulation program management and operations and stand-alone training, and complete security lifecycle management supporting deployment, installation, configuration, and systems integration for service agencies and companies throughout the United States and abroad.

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InfoTech’s combined corporate experience exceeds 100 years and encompasses Information Security, Compliance and Governance, Privacy, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, IT Managed Services, Incident Response, Architecture Design, Cloud Services, Contingency Planning, and the Support of Theater-Wide Modeling Simulation Requirements.

The InfoTech cybersecurity team consists of highly skilled, certified IT Security experts, and engineers. We are experienced in supporting our clients in both the US and internationally. InfoTech received its GSA Cybersecurity Schedule in December 2018.

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